Pipsqueaks: Online Ad

Portfolio Pages Final 10

In this flash based ad, Pip peeks from around the back of the web page.  When the user clicks on the appropriate button, the ad expands with a promotion, and Pip gives a big thumbs up.  Another click of the button sends the user to the Pipsqueaks website.  This ad is engaging enough to be noticed, but discreet enough not to hinder the user’s experience.

Pipsqueaks: Branding for Infants

Portfolio Pages Final 7


For this branding project, I came up with the idea for Pipsqueaks, a clothing line for infants and toddlers.  Pip, the brand’s mascot embodies the innocence of childhood and can always be found peeking around corners and holding a flower.  This playful theme has everything to do with the sense of discovery that every parent can relate to.  These are mock-ups of what the in-store, outdoor, and promotional items would look like.  The hang tag is a working pacifier holder that can be used after purchase with any standard pacifier.