Sk8er Girl: Product Design

Sk8er Girl Skateboards by Yva Barbour

Skateboards are for boys, right?  Not so much.  Sk8er Girl is a brand of skateboards that caters to girls.  The colors are bright and cheerful, and the patterns, type, and illustrations are fun and playful.  The characters developed for this design may be black and white, but really they are anything BUT black and white…just like the little girls that ride these boards, they are cute and full of personality.

Logo Design

YvaBarbourPortfolio 10

These are just a few of the logos I have designed.  They each have a different style, because the brands they are representing are each unique and have a different story to tell.  Some companies will want to build their brand with images, while others prefer the use of type.  The process of building a logo begins with a brand persona and ends with a design that reflects that vision.

Urban Seed: Package Design

YvaBarbourPortfolio 4

Urban Seed is a seed company whose target audience are people living in the city who still want to enjoy nature, even if it’s only in window boxes and on balconies.  This package of Big City Bloomers is simple, clean, and sophisticated.  It’s easy to read, and the big bold images capture the attention of shoppers.